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About Invincea Labs

Invincea Labs invents, prototypes and engineers breakthrough technologies for government and industry, with broad commitments in multiple areas of technological innovation. Our projects range from situational awareness interfaces for cyber operators to distributed sensor networks, to machine learning models that learn to reverse engineer malware, to embedded devices that enable and protect our nation’s warfighters. What unites us is a passion for projects that push the boundaries of the possible, fusing our skills in multiple areas, such as computer network defense, mobile computing, signal processing, cyber operations, computational social science, complex data visualization and the analysis of malicious software.

Invincea Labs is structured around the following four research teams:

Cyber Analytics
The Cyber Analytics team designs and develops advanced computing architectures to support real-time and batch analytical processing of cyber relevant data at scale. We accomplish this by leveraging in depth undering of modern big data architectures and technology stacks to develop customized, mission targeted, high performance analytical platforms. The team has proven expertise in distributed database, messaging, and compute technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Mesos, Cassandra, etc.
Data Science
The Data Science team pioneers novel, accurate, and efficient ways to automate the understanding of cyber relevant data, scale up analysis tasks, and improve the workflow of security analysts. We accomplish this by conducting and applying cutting edge research from fields such as machine learning, natural language processing, and visual analytics to tough cyber security problems. Additionally, the team has proven expertise in malware analysis, deep learning, data mining, modeling and simulation, and data visualization.
Cyber Capabilities
The Cyber Capabilities team develops next generation offensive and defensive cyber capabilities to solve current operational challenges, and to fulfill next generation cyber needs. By combining cutting edge technology with legacy tools and techniques, we are able to create tomorrow’s solutions and apply them to today’s problems. Team members come from deep yet diverse backgrounds in information security; software reverse engineering; vulnerability research; program analysis; and light-weight/stealthy software agents.
Mobile and Embedded Systems
The Mobile and Embedded team develops advanced tactical mobile solutions by leveraging and enhancing best-of-breed commercial mobile and embedded systems and technologies. We bring proven and theatre tested experience in customizing, securing, and enhancing mobile and embedded operating systems, firmware, and bootloaders. Additionally, the team brings deep expertise in data encryption, wireless networking, software-defined radios, and embedded signal processing.